JASS is a monthly OB-GYN journal which summarises the literature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is JASS?

JASS stands for Journal Article Summary Service. It is a monthly medical journal, consisting of expert summaries of the world medical literature as it relates to Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

2. Who is JASS for?

Busy health professionals who don’t have the time to read all the major medical journals, and also medical students who need to keep up with the literature. JASS is much more than just abstracts – it is a well-written, opinionated guide to the latest research. Think of it as having an expert walk you through all you need to know about what matters and what doesn’t.

3. How much does JASS cost?

JASS is USD $100 per year, and is billed annually. See the subscription page for more details.

4. Why should I subscribe to JASS?

JASS will save you time and stress. If you read JASS, you can be confident that you will remain up-to-date with the latest in medical research regarding obstetrics and gynecology. JASS is also accredited for CPD points in Australia and New Zealand.

5. How do I subscribe?

Get in touch with us via the Subscribe page.  After we receive your enquiry, we will contact you to get your credit card details, and set up your account.

6. How is JASS delivered?

We email a new copy to your email address each month.

7. How does payment work?

JASS will charge your credit card annually, and payment is made up-front for the year. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

8. Who writes JASS?

JASS is written by Dr Athol Kent, a highly experienced obstetrician who also has a degree in medical education. Read more about him on the About Us page. JASS is endorsed by  a prestigious Board of Advisors.

9. Do I have to be in a certain country to get JASS?

No, JASS can be sent anywhere as long as you have an email address.

10. Can I see a sample of JASS?

Yes, there is a sample available for viewing in PDF format on the Sample JASS page.

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